My Little Girl is Growing Up! – Elizabeth Thompson Photography – Clarksville TN Photographer

I cannot believe how quickly time passes.  The older I get the more I realize how precious time is.  I have had to readjust some business practices, to make more time for my family.  Somewhere along the way my natural driven personality left me working much more and spending less time with my little loves.  Londyn and I decided to revamp her bedroom together!  What actually happened is that Adalyn and I had an agreement as to when she would get a “big girl” room, and since I had an extra twin mattress I asked Londyn if she would prefer a daybed to her full sized bed.  Then I found that awesome little antique brass bed on Craigslist, and the bedroom revamp was in full swing.  Although, it probably isn’t fair that Londyn’s room is done before Adalyn’s.  Londyn loves having more space in her room now.  I decided to do something a little different this time and touched on some lifestyle photography.  While it is not my speciality, it is special to us, as we have done this together and it also documents what is special to Londyn at this time in her life!  I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of Londyn’s new room!