Clarksville Photographer – Elizabeth Thompson – A little about what I’ve been doing for fun, on my time off!

I’m just not one of those people who rest all that much.  I guess I figure there will plenty of time for that, when I can no longer burn the candel at both ends. I love using my creativity to create new things, and I’m passionate about design.  I love doing home projects, when I can fit them in.  Recently we added hardwood flooring in our main living area and in my office.  It was a lot of work, but I take great pleasure in accomplishing these types of things.  This stirred up some other things I had been wanting to do, so I wrote up a list and started tackling it.  Those of you who know me, know that I HAVE to get things done.  I just do not rest well, when I have things to do.

I had been wanting to make a headboard for our guest room bed for over a year, and just did not allow myself the time to do it.  I was in awe when I entered Nashville’s Preservation Station.  I could have spent the day there going through all the old doors, windows and lighting.  I found the dirtiest, most beat up panel door I could find and brought it home.  I cleaned it, sanded it, cleaned it again, and sealed it.  I was a little worried about how to hang it, but after I found “float mounts,” it was a piece of cake!  I also updated some photos and picked up some new lighting.  I found two antique or at least old books.  Pride and Prejudice and a compilation of poems by Christina Rossetti.  Two of my most favorite things 🙂  I find great pleasure in small details.

We needed to have some family photos done, and I was looking for something specific and tailored to my style of photography, so that they would blend with all the other work in our home.  Chris Hansen was lovely enough to help with what I was needing.  I  love how they turned out and they make a great statement as to who we are as a family, as soon as you enter our home.  I also love that I’m able to show clients different products that I offer!  The three entrance photos are modern pop-out float wraps.  They are beautiful and come in three finishes.  Sleek, modern, and easy to hang!

I also added some new canvases to our entry.  I just love the modern sophistication of a great canvas.  They are bold and clean.  I try to run specials on canvas orders a couple times a year, so if you like them, be on the lookout!

I’m very much a business woman at heart and love what I do, but I’m also a person who enjoys just connecting with people and sharing what I love too!  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the more personal side of me!


New and Old headboard for our guest room!

Love 🙂

Old family furniture!

Our fun entry float mounts!

Pop-out float mounts!

New entry canvases!

My Favorite Fall Coffee Cup – Polish Pottery of Course 🙂

Antique Business Card Holder – Thank you Grandma

One of my favorite fall scents!


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